Hello, my name is Peggy Stephanou and I am the founder of Pebbles Jewellery. I have always had a love of Minerals, Semi Precious stones and all things natural. My home is full of such objects. To me, even in death nature can transform into a thing of beauty. Fossils, Petrified Wood, the list is endless. This and my love of History and world cultures was the inspiration behind Pebbles. In essence, the concept is Nature and humanities collaboration with it.

Pebbles is about affordable, handmade pieces, inspired by Nature, in tune with Nature. A celebration of our Mother Earth and all who have passed through. Man’s connection and positive contribution throughout the ages and across all world cultures and belief systems. Uniting them within a bracelet or necklace. It is about Humanity’s creative visualization and each cultures unique representations, impressions and collaboration with their world. The one thing that unites us.

Pebbles Jewellery is not interested in the materialistic value of the Earth’s resources. The design, concept and affordability are always my priority. To this end, all my metals and stones are chosen, valued and represented for their natural appeal and their ability to harmonize within the bracelet or necklace.I will mix my ‘findings’. Wood with Silver, why not? Who says it should not be done? It can be done. It has been done here. I will use Faux Leather and Faux Suede as I believe that man has progressed beyond the need to exploit nature for reasons of vanity, therefore all components are responsibly sourced.

The thrill, challenge and satisfaction derived from creating a piece of jewellery around a particular stone or finding, is beyond words. The theme is generally, ‘I like this stone. What can I make with this?’ and allow what develops, to develop. There is never an agenda. Like those before me, I will use the materials at my disposal. I enjoy what I do. I sincerely hope that this sentiment comes through in the pieces on sale. Everyone individual, with a twist of fun. Each one an experiment in design and colour.

The deep blue tones of the Lapis Lazuli, brings to mind Aztecs. The Chain Maille, Byzantium and Medieval Knights. Long since gone, but whose energy and memory have left impressions that have been immortalised by their contributions.

I see Native American Indian Headdresses, Buffalo horns and more in my pieces. Let your imagination take a free range. Freedom of thought. Freedom of spirit and diversity are the theme.

So much emphasis is placed on man’s negative contribution to our beautiful planet and rightly so, but as every parent will know, praise, encouragement, love and acknowledgement of accomplishments, encourages and nurtures a child more effectively than constant derision.

I feel that what is needed now, more than ever, is for humanity to cultivate an approach of pride and love of their heritage and achievements.



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