Quartz Crystal Arrowhead

Quartz crystal is a stone known as the “Master Healer”. It absorbs, stores and regulates energy. Balances the body on the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental levels. It can be used to diffuse harmful environmental energies.

Physically, quartz crytsal is effective for chronic fatigue, and people use it to help treat arthritis and bone injuries, as well as body pain and fibromyalgia. Healers use the stone in body layouts for healing purposes, but the stone is said to be powerful enough that it doesn’t have to come in contact with the body to heal.

Clear crystal quartz is one of the most common stones of the quartz family, but other quartz crystals include amethyst, jasper, rose quartz, smoky quartz and tourmaline quartz. These are said to have the generic healing properties of a quartz crystal, along with other specialized healing properties of their own.

The arrowhead as a physical piece and as an image represents alertness and direction.




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