The Italian Horn Haematite Earrings

Italian Horn Earrings


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The Italian Horn Haematite Earrings. Dangle earrings made of a dark Haematite and Brass tone Metal Alloys they measure approximately 5cms in length.

A horn is used in Italy as a charm that is believed to ward off evil, and protect the person in question. The ‘Italian horn’, known locally as the cornicello, cornetto, or simply corno, is actually an amulet that is worn or possessed as a protective tool against bad omens and evil. More often than not, the cornicello, which is Italian for ‘little horn’ or ‘hornlet’, is worn in the form of a necklace.

The name Haematite comes from the Greek word for blood. If you break a Haematite crystal in two, you will see it has a deep red blood colour. As an earth Chakra crystal it is known for it’s grounding and protecting properties. Known to give courage, strength, endurance and vitality. Stimulates concentration, memory and original thought. Physically is good for healing blood disorders.

For more information regarding haematite please click on the link below.


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