Celtic Knot

Celtic knots are complete loops that have no start or finish. They represent eternity, whether this be in love, loyalty, faith or friendship.

Historians cannot quite agree when forms of these knots were first used. Opinions range between 500BC-450AD.

There is a theory that pre-Christian Celts drew these images because it is believed that realistic depictions of living creatures were forbidden in the Celtic religion. These symbols then underwent adaptation according to the cultures that adopted them.

They were eventually developing for religious and secular purposes, such as in Biblical manuscripts. It would also appear that meanings were attributed for each design musch later on.

Popular designs were:

  • Celtic Spiral – said to represent Water, Fire and Earth. Inner an outer self and personal spirit.
  • Trinity Knot / Triquetra – representing the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Celtic Love Knot – representing the love between two people. Said to have been exchanged in the same way as rings are today.
  • The Dara Knot – representing an Oak Trees’ root system, personal and spiritual stength.
  • Shield Knot – to ward off danger and evil spirits.
  • The Celtic Cross – given meaning by both the Pagan and Christian religions. According to the pagan belief, the cross is where the four elements meet.

Here are just some of the Celtic Knot inspired designs you can find on Pegg’s Pebbles website:


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